LANDLUVT - The smell of your country

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is LANDLUVT also suitable for allergic people?

    Yes, LANDLUVT fragrances are also suitable for allergic people. When you create your Mojo profile, you will be asked about known allergies. If you have allergies (for example, to certain plants), please let us know when you create your Mojo profile.

  • How long will one bottle last?

    Depending on how often you reapply your LANDLUVT fragrance. On average, one bottle lasts for about 4 months.

  • How quickly will I receive my order?

    Your LANDLUVT recipe is tailored to all your individual needs and mixed by hand in the fragrance studio. The natural essences and oils combine and merge to create your personal mojo. This takes a maximum of 14 days. After that, it will be shipped by mail to your home.

  • Can I exchange my fragrance?

    Your bottle of LANDLUVT contains 100% promise of quality.
    Your personal mojo. A natural fragrance probably seems a bit unusual at first. We are used to sensory overstimulation. Take a moment to fall in love with your fragrance. If after a week the spark has not been ignited, please contact us. If you don’t like your LANDLUVT Mojo at all, you can send it back to us in the original packaging. Please understand that we cannot cover the cost of return shipping.

  • Do you offer coupons?

    Yes, of course! You want to give someone special a gift certificate from LANDLUVT? No problem! To give your gift a personal LANDLUVT touch, just send us an email.

  • Can I reorder the same fragrance again?

    Yes, of course! The creation of your personal LANDLUVT Mojo profile naturally includes a recipe. We will keep this safe for you. When you want to reorder your LANDLUVT fragrance, we’ll pull out your Mojo recipe and you’ll get a new bottle of LANDLUVT. The smell of your country. Order a Refill.

  • Does the fragrance stain my clothes?

    We recommend applying the fragrance directly to the skin and let it fully absorb. The oils and essences are of the highest quality. Direct contact with light-colored garments may eventually cause staining.
    Good news: the stains can usually be easily removed in conventional washing programs.